Internet privacy taken seriously

Strong Password Security

Brute Force Attack Protection

IP Monitoring

Client Data Encryption

Anonymity Guaranteed

Superbly Designed Websites


I will never knowingly allow any work I produce to be used for illegal or immoral purposes, so please don't ask me to do so.

People who have restricted or private websites do so for a variety of reasons, usually quite legitimate. Responsibility of how a website is used lies solely with the purchaser and I will not be held liable.

If I receive official complaints that a site I manage is being used for illegal or immoral purposes I reserve the right to terminate said site, although I would always seek to mutually resolve the issue first.

Our hosting provider company has the ability to remove content if does not comply with their terms. In the unlikely event of that happening there is nothing I could do and no money would be refunded. Here is a link to their terms of service


I am devoted to creating and nurturing a trusting relationship with my clients, built on the knowledge that any personal information collected is kept private and secure. In undertaking this commitment, I will do everything in my capacity to ensure that the integrity of my client's privacy is upheld.

To ensure confidentiality for private website clients I maintain an elaborate system of data protection including encryption using the latest 256-bits AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is still considered to be uncrackable even by the United States National Security Agency.

All my internet transmissions are shielded from prying eyes by Vitual Private Networks (VPN's) and encrypted. I always use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for sending and receiving emails, files etc. and I don't use Microsoft Windows.

I am a privacy & security nut!