What is it and why is it important?

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You could have the best website in the world but if no one can find it your business is going nowhere.

SEO is basically writing websites that search engines will find and rank of high importance in relation to what a person is searching for. When someone does a websearch for widgets the search engine checks it's data base for web pages it thinks relates to widgets and returns the results to the searcher in the order it believes to be most relevant.

Part of the webmasters job is to build the site in a manner to convince the search engines the widgets on this site are more important than others. There are many aspect to consider, such as *Keyword analysis *Page structure *Headings *Content *Meta data *Alt tags *Internal linking *Page speed and much more.

As well as building you a search engine friendly website we will register it with the major search engines and ensure your pages are indexed.


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Which search engines do people use?

Google enjoys the bulk of the search engine market share, handling over 90% of all queries in the UK, light years ahead of Bing with 4.8% and Yahoo with 2.4% (Jan-Dec 2015).

9 out of every 10 searches in the UK are conducted on Google.

I could write many pages on Search Engine Optimisation but I would rather offer you a simple test:-
Go to Google and type in Akbuk, the #1 return across the world is our community website AkbukTurkey.com and has been for the 8 years we have run it.

Now we can't promise you the same result for your website keywords but wouldn't you rather have your website built by someone who understands Google?

Don't hope for the best with SEO - Leave it to the best!